Erectile Dysfunction


Is it possible to prevent erectile dysfunction? Yes, there are several things you can do to prevent yourself from experiencing erectile dysfunction. This includes engaging in certain exercises, eating a balanced diet, stopping certain activities or hobbies, and getting enough rest.
Erectile dysfunction is common with men, irrespective of age, and it is caused by several factors. An underlying disease can cause ED – it can also occur as a side effect from taking certain medications. To keep yourself from experiencing ED, you have to give in to a lifelong habit of controlling what you eat/drink and how you feel – your moods.

Erectile Dysfunction Prevention Tips

1. Avoid High Cholesterol or Blood Pressure
High blood pressure and high cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction. So, you have to do all you can to avoid these two health conditions. If you maintain normal blood pressure and cholesterol, your chances of experiencing ED are very minimal.
2. Be Careful of What You Eat and Drink
You have to watch what you eat and also reduce alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol levels in the body can cause ED – similarly, excessive tobacco levels can cause ED too. On the food aspect, any meal that is bad for the heart is bad for the penis. You should maintain a healthy diet and avoid meals with a high cholesterol content.
3. Stay Fit
Keeping fit is also a means of checkmating ED. Obesity (having too much weight) is also a predictor of ED. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight can help to prevent ED. Being overweight can cause many health problems, not just erectile dysfunction.
4. Always Ask the Side Effects of the Drugs You Take
Erectile dysfunction can be a side effect of taking certain medications. So, you should always ask your physician to know the side effects of every medication recommended to you.
5. Quit Smoking
This may be pretty hard for some people, but it’s a very valid way to prevent yourself from erectile dysfunction. Smoking affects the heart, and anything that affects the heart affects the penis. One common cause of ED is heart and blood vessel disease, which is caused by quite different factors, including smoking.
6. Stop Taking Illegal Drugs
Drug abuse can trigger many critical health problems, which can also cause erectile dysfunction. Constant consumption of illicit drugs can cause you not to feel sensations, preventing you from getting arousal for sexual intercourse with your partner.
7. Improve Your Mental Health
If you’re feeling depressed, it can prevent you from getting or maintaining an erection. Similarly, if you always have anxiety about having sex, it could cause erectile dysfunction.

In Summary

These seven (7) tips are sure to improve your sexual drive and performance. If you notice symptoms of ED, report to a doctor or urologist to get examined and provided with the best treatment you need to follow. Over 30 million men in the United States are struggling with Erectile Dysfunction, you’re not the only one.