Erectile Dysfunction


There are many reasons why a man may be unable to maintain an erection; one of the reasons is Erectile Dysfunction.


Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is is a health situation where a male human is unable to get or maintain a strong erection for sexual intercourse. It is also referred to as “Impotency,” and it rarely occurs from birth. This implies to say that ED is caused by certain activities, underlying illness/disease, or side effects from drugs.


There are rising cases of Erectile Dysfunction in recent times, and a lot of men are becoming more concerned about the symptoms and causes. Quickly, stress and anxiety can cause your male organ not to get or keep an erection for sex. But then, there are pretty other erectile dysfunction symptoms and causes you need to know.


The truth is that there are lots of things that can cause erectile dysfunction, including physical and emotional conditions. The common causes are mentioned below:

Cardiovascular disease
Type 2 diabetes
Hypertension or high blood pressure
High Cholesterol
Low testosterone levels in the male body
Hormone imbalances
Underlying disease or kidney problems
Not getting enough sleep
Drug abuse, smoking, and too much alcohol/tobacco intake
Stress – any type of stress at all
Relationship problems
Fear of sexual failure – the guilt that you can’t perform well, sexually.
Low self-esteem


Furthermore, ED can occur as a side effect from taking certain medications like antiandrogens (which are taken for prostate cancer therapy). Also, antidepressants, tranquilizers, sedatives, and appetite suppressants may leave ED as a side effect if you misuse them or the dosage instructions.


If you consistently experience any of these symptoms, it could be a sign that you’re having ED, and you should see a doctor to start your therapy or treatment. The symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction include:
Inability to get an erection
Inability to maintain a firm erection before or during sex
Sudden unwillingness to engage in sexual activities
Premature ejaculation
You no longer achieve orgasm even with intense stimulation from your partner


What To Do?
When it appears like you’re experiencing ED, the best thing to do is seek advice from a therapist who is specialized in treating men’s health. If you started experiencing ED symptoms as a side effect of your medication, it is not advisable to immediately stop the medication, you should hear what your doctor has to say first.


Pretty similarly, if the ED is caused due to an underlying sickness, you need to treat the sickness, and that may be the cure you need. However, at Gulf Coast Men’s Clinic, we help men get over issues with their sexual life and performance. A quick therapy would be to do everything possible to reduce stress and never fall into depression.