Erectile Dysfunction


Treating erectile dysfunction, in most cases, does not require medication. Your doctor will put you through different tests: physical tests and medical tests to decide the best treatment and therapy for your ED condition. There are also natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction; the treatment you’d get depends on the result of your ED diagnosis.
However, erectile dysfunction may naturally occur to a man due to his current mood. In such cases, if you can handle your moods, that’s the treatment for your ED condition. Hereunder are the possible treatments your doctor may suggest to treat your ED condition.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments
There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction, starting with natural therapies, and then with medical remedies if necessary.

Natural Treatments
These are some natural recommendations that can help to treat erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol and Tobacco Reduction
Too much alcohol and tobacco in your body can lead to ED. So, if you regularly take too much alcohol or tobacco, you will need to stop or reduce your intake.

Eating a healthy and balanced diet always may help to reduce the risks of having erectile dysfunction, and it can help to improve your sexual performance. You could start eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish.

Reduce Stress and Rest Well
Study shows that stress is one of the main predictors of ED. Hence, it is important that you reduce stress in your everyday life and activities. Take out time to rest and take care of yourself.

Exercise is another natural way to treat ED. Engaging in exercises, regularly helps to protect against certain ailments and health conditions that could lead to ED.

Counseling or Therapy
A doctor may advise an ED patient to go for counseling – where a specialist would ask the patient certain personal questions to know if the ED is caused by depression or anxiety for sex. It is important to go for counseling with your partner.
Therapy could also be recommended – whereby the patient is advised on certain things he must do, or must not do, in order to treat erectile dysfunction.

Medical/Drug Treatment
A person diagnosed with ED can take certain drugs called PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitors. Typically, the patient is expected to take the PDE-5 drug 30 – 60 minutes before sex. Also, your doctor may recommend viagras to help stimulate you for sex.

Surgical Treatment
ED can be treated through surgical means. However, surgical treatment is recommended when all other ED treatments have failed. The surgery is done to improve blood flow into the penis of the diagnosed patient. More blood flows into the penis can help to sustain an erection.

In Summary
Erectile dysfunction is a health condition whereby a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. It can be caused by quite many reasons; notwithstanding, it is curable. A study projects that one in every ten men is most likely going to experience ED at some point in his lifetime.

Growing old can also cause erectile dysfunction, but then, even at 70, your penile should still be functioning well. So, if you experience any symptoms of ED, reach out to get treatment.