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Brian Herbert PA-C

Mr. Herbert Graduated from University of Nebraska Medical Center and is a retired Army Physician Assistant with twenty-six years of service. He spent a total of fourteen years in the 75th Ranger Regiment as an Infantryman, explosive breacher, Fire-team and Squad Leader with five deployments between Afghanistan and Iraq.

Brian has been a PA since 2011, with one combat tour to Afghanistan’s Khost province as a PA. He has served as a PA in the 4/25th Airborne Brigade Combat Team in Anchorage Alaska, the 5th Ranger Training Battalion in Dahlonega Georgia and spent the last four years serving as a PA in the 7th Special Forces Group with numerous deployments to South America in support of special operations missions.

Since retirement from the Army, he has specialized in hormone therapy, performance medicine and orthopedic trauma. He enjoys being able to use his skills to enhance the life and relationships of his patients. He sees each patient as an opportunity to improve a patient’s life. Brian enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking and hiking. He looks forward to yearly salmon fishing trips to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Hunter Obrien - Office Manager

Hunter was born and raised in Georgia prior to his 8 year stay in Pensacola. He graduated from The University of Georgia and was part of the SEC football championship teams from 2002-2005.  His goal is to better your confidence and maintain a healthy love life. He spends his time at the beach or traveling with his wife and 3 kids when he’s not helping patients.

Jeffery Coleman - Medic

I’m from Pensacola and have lived here my whole life. I’m an OIF/OEF combat veteran and former law enforcement officer with almost 20 years of experience before I made the decision to retire early and pursue a career where I can help people. I became an EMT and spent a few years in EMS before I was given the opportunity to join the Gulf Coast Men’s Clinic family. I enjoy my time now teaching CCW classes and making connections with patients where I look forward to helping you.  

Michael Ross - Medic

Michael has been teaching emergency medicine since 2010 as a medical contractor to the USAF, Law Enforcement, and State Programs. Trained initially as a USAF Pararescueman, he has a diverse background including military experience and urban emergency response. As an experienced instructor he has taught emergency care to law enforcement officers responding to “Officer Down” situations, as well as a variety of Tactical Combat care to military and Tactical Emergency Care in the Public Sector. He retired in 2019 as a Firefighter/Engineer Paramedic and USLA Open Water and Swift-water Rescuer while continuing his tactical response training.

Dr. Richard Chern M.D- Supervising Physician

Dr. Richard Chern M.D- Supervising Physician

My mission here at Gulf Coast Men’s Clinic is to provide the highest quality medical care with a level of personalized care not available anywhere else. We strive to educate our patients so they can make informed decisions about their care and discover how they can conquer erectile dysfunction rather than just being dragged along for the ride. We accomplish this by spending much more time with our patients and truly listening to their symptoms. Our patients are much more comfortable speaking with us since we are patient and nonjudgmental. We tailor treatment plans to each patient and teach our patients about both their disease and treatment so they can be better involved with their care.