What is ed?

What is ed?

This is a common question that we get asked from patients. Erectile Dysfunction is the inability for a man to achieve and/or maintain an erection. This can sometimes be psychological, but for MOST men this is a medical condition. This medical condition can be a precursor for other medical conditions within the body


Erectile dysfunction is most often caused by 3 or more common medical problems:

1. Hypertension High blood pressure affects the blood vessels in all of the organs throughout the body, causing these organs to become unable to function at their peek.

2. Diabetes Mellitus Diabetes also damages the blood vessels and also has a significant affect nerves to various parts of the body (eyes, feet, hands, and penis).

3. Cholesterol High cholesterol has been linked to arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries and, like the first two problems, is an additive affect for the development of ED.

4. Excessive belly fat This condition has long been associated with increased risk for heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and arteriosclerosis which are ALL associated with ED.

5. Psychological problems Emotional distress and other psychological or psychiatric issues that interfere with ones ability to become sexually aroused.

6. Medications It has been long recognized that certain medications may also cause ED. It is, however, more likely that some of the more frequently used medications work to correct the disease for which they are prescribed, more so than cause ED.


Of course, these are not the ONLY causes for ED, but rather the most often causes for a patientsED. Whether you suffer from all or none of these, we can most likely still help you


Premature Ejaculation (PE

Some of our patients are able to achieve a full erection but they ejaculate too quickly and lose the erection within minutes. This condition is called PE or premature ejaculation. These patients often times have too much sensitivity in the head of their penis and that causes ejaculation much too fast. The medicines we prescribe are often the ONLY medicines that will help patients with PE


Peyronies Disease (PD

Some of our patients have an abnormal curvature in their penis. This is referred to as peyronies disease, or PD. Some patients have this condition for most of their life but most patients acquire this condition by repeated injury to their penis. Most men dont know that they can actually breaktheir penis during sex especially rough sex. This condition can be treated effectively with sound wave therapy (ETSWT) in most cases. Our sound wave therapy (ETSWT) can actually break up the scar tissue that is often times causing this abnormal curvature

ED is NOT normal at any age. You deserve to enjoy a healthy sex life and we are here to insure that is the case! Our treatments are GUARANTEED to work! When you come in for your office visit, if we cannot help you (very rare), you dont even owe us for an office visit! Our 

doctors know ED better than most as this is ALL we do. Our doctors also spend hours each week researching the newest and best ways to treat ED so that we stay on the cutting edge

If you are experiencing symptoms of ED, which are inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection, there is help for you and we can and will provide that help for you in a very confidential manner. Contact us today and schedule your risk free appointment. Dont wait any longer get your sex life back TODAY!